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Logic Games

The Comets game The Comets is a nim-like game. Players take turns moving comets in any direction on a 4x4 game-board, blocking the path of their opponent. The player who can make the last move wins. Fruits Battle game Fruits Battle is another nim-like game. On a 3x3 board, players take turns moving fruits in any direction, destroying "weaker" fruits. Each fruit's strength depends on color and size. The player who makes the last move wins.

Board Games

Tic-tac-toe board game Tic-tac-toe by Silverman - New Rules! The game is played on a 4x4 board. Try to get Four in a row. Four Color board game Four Color is our new, but classic board game based on Four Color theorem.

Memory Games

Model Memory game Model Memory. Memorize the images in as short a time frame as possible and then restore them to their original form. glazed-run math puzzle Glazed Run. You should build 8 solid blocks from 8 pairs of blocks and do it in time less than 100 sec.
Domino Dilemma puzzle Domino Dilemma. The ultimate domino dilemma with numerals instead of dots. Can you solve it?

Math Puzzles

Full House online puzzle Full House puzzle 6x6. Draw a path that passes through each blank square exactly once. Skyscraper Puzzle online Skyscraper Puzzle. Fill each square with an integer from 1 to N where N is the size of the puzzle.
Breakfast Brainstorm math puzzle Breakfast Brainstorm. Rotate the pans in order to make each of the four numbers equal 20 as soon as possible.

Printable Puzzles

Draw path through open squares

Printable Sudoku

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3 Great Logic Games from Freeware!

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Tic-tac-toe by Silverman with our redaction of rules

Nine Squares


Sim - Gustavus Simmons' game

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