888 online casino

888 is an all time popular online casino, having a 18 years old experience and being enjoyed on a daily basis by over thousands of players. Indeed, the origin of this fantastic casino can be traced to the beginnings of commercial internet, which means 1995. Since then, the brand has only become stronger, gaining a large base of fans and new beginners as well. One thing is for sure: you cannot pretend knowing something about online casinos without at least having tried the casino brand.

The software used by 888

One of the big differences between 888 and concurrent casinos from New Zealand listed on the site lies in the fact that this 1995-draftee-of-a-casino games does not use software platforms as Playtech or Microgaming, but its own software. One of the consequences to that being that compared to other brands, 888 doesn't offer a whole lot of variety. All in all, we're talking here about 11 games proposed. But do not be disappointed! The classics of this respected branch are all there: we're talking here about blackjack, roulette, slot machines, craps, baccarat and few more. Being an average player, and even if you're quite demanding, you surely won't be disappointed by this magical platform.

Bonuses and contact

888 proposes a whole lot of bonuses, some extremely attractive. For example you have a bonus of 100% up to 900 Euros, if you do open an account on it. That goes without saying that it's a remarkable way of welcoming new players to the club! That bonus is quite easily obtainable, in comparison to other casinos, where you'll have to spend many hours with the support team trying to get what's yours, or will have to use this sum many a time.

The advantages of 888 are in the seriousness of this casino and the easiness to reach their support. You won't have any problem to deposit or to withdraw money, as the payments are secured and a large paying system is offered to you.

For you, who are looking for a good and reputable casino, logging into uk.888 won't be a mistake. You'll enjoy everything good that an online casino can offer, without the problems you'll usually find in the other brands.