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Online logic game "Four Color"

Remember the four color theorem? We thought up a game based on that theorem. As per the simple and natural rules, this is considered a classic board game.

The game is played on a 4x4 cell board with sides colored blue, green, red and yellow. Players take turns placing markers for those colors into the cells on the board. The player that makes the last possible move wins.

A marker cannot be placed adjacent to a side of the board bearing the same color as the marker. The first turn is done towards the board. The rest of the moves are done by placing a marker so that it is adjacent to at least one other marker via a cell side or corner.

To make things more comfortable, the program shows all the moves the player can make on any given turn via smaller markers. In order to select the marker color you wish to make your move with, click the respective marker to the right of the board.

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