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Online Memory Game "Model Memory"

The Model Memory game is intended for helping you train up your visual memory skills. You will need to memorize the images in as short a time frame as possible and then restore them to their original form by moving the square tiles around the game field.

- Click "New Game" to start a new game.
- Once you've memorized the image, click "Ready?"
- Restore the original image by moving the tiles around with your mouse; once this is done, you will see a message notifying you that the game has been "Completed".
- If no message appears, you must not have restored the image correctly; try removing some of the tiles and replacing them.
- If you can't seem to restore the original image, click "Solution" to view the end result.

- Before the start of a game, you can choose the dimensions of the game field by clicking "Size".
- You can also select the game's difficulty setting by clicking "Level"; "Hard" difficulty differs from the "Easy" setting by having a larger number of figures and implementing unneeded tiles into the set of tiles used to solve the puzzle.

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